MoU is a mutually negotiated agreement between the management of the CPSEs and the Government of India. Under this agreement, the enterprise undertakes to achieve targets contained in MoU and set in the beginning of the year, making it a performance contract.

RCF has been signing MoU with the Department of Fertilizers (DoF), Govt. of India every year. 

MoU 2023-24

MoU 2024-25

Past MoU Rating of RCF:

                                    Financial Year                                                                     RCF MoU Rating                                   
2022-23 Under evalution
2021-22 Very Good
2020-21 Very Good
2019-20 Very Good
2018-19 Very Good
2017-18 Poor
2016-17 Good
2015-16 Very Good
2014-15 Excellent
2013-14 Excellent
2012-13 Excellent
2011-12 Excellent
2010-11 Excellent
2009-10 Excellent
2008-09 Excellent
2007-08 Excellent
2006-07 Excellent
2005-06 Excellent
2004-05 Excellent
2003-04 Excellent
2002-03 Excellent
2001-02 Very Good
2000-01 Excellent