Shri S C Mudgerikar

Dear friends,

It’s a matter of great pride for me to be a part of Rashtriya chemicals & fertilizers Ltd (RCF). RCF has played a vital role in pioneering the ‘Green Revolution’ and attaining self-sufficiency in food grain production in India. Producing and marketing fertilizers and chemicals efficiently and economically in an environmentally sound manner, RCF with its brands like ‘Ujwala’ urea and ‘Suphala’ complex has become a house hold name in the entire country. With a strong brand image backed by a committed workforce, RCF has maintained its position as one of the world’s leading fertilizer and chemical manufacturer, trader and marketer. While relentlessly improving its product range through innovative and futuristic R&D activities, RCF has added a number of products to its bouquet of fertilizer and industrial products. RCF can now boast of a complete range of fertilizers by the brand names Ujwala, Suphala, Biola, Microla, Sujala etc. Many new fertilizer products like bio fertilizers, nano fertilizers, city compost etc. are also in the development stage and will shortly be made available on commercial scale. RCF’s industrial product range is well known in the chemical industry for its quality and reliability. Through its various industrial products like ammonia, ammonium nitrate, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, argon, formic acid etc. RCF has been ably serving country’s diverse industrial requirements.   

Environment protection and sustainability is of utmost importance to RCF. Its plants at Trombay and Thal are ISO 14001 certified for observing stringent environment protection norms. With its two Sewage Treatment Plants at Chembur, RCF has played a vital role in refining and recycling precious water in the city of Mumbai.

In spite of complex issues being faced by the fertilizer industry related to subsidy payments and revised energy norms, RCF is fully geared up to take on the future challenges. Its JV with CIL, GAIL and FCIL has laid a strong foundation for the revival of strategically important Talcher Fertilizer plant. To further spread its activities in the international market, RCF is exploring business opportunities with other resource rich countries.

While excelling as an efficient production and marketing company, RCF has always strived to serve the society by contributing through its CSR activities. RCF is supplying potable water to the villages near its plant at Thal. RCF has also provided mobile medical van along with free medical consultation through its camps. RCF has greatly helped farmers by assisting them with soil analysis cards and guiding them about the right mix of fertilizers for particular soil conditions.

RCF with its glorious past is now poised to attain greater heights of performance

Shriniwas Mudgerikar.